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The Game of Cubes That's Pure Fun!


sunstarWhat the Heck is Cosmic Wimpout?

If the first time you heard "Cosmic Wimpout," you said, "Cosmic What?" then you need to know that Cosmic Wimpout is a Dice Game that's Pure Fun.

You play by rolling the five Cosmic Wimpout cubes and get points for each 5, 10, or Flash (triplet) that you roll. You can accumulate points towards the Winning Total by ending your turn or risking it all, because if you roll and don't score, you lose all the points for that turn and the next player goes.

Sounds simple, until you add or make up, more rules. This ever-changing game blends the interaction of chance and strategy. Whether you believe in statistics or the mystic, within moments you will experience great elation and crushing disappointment.

So, pick up your Cosmic Wimpout dice cubes and be prepared to exercise your fun side. But remember, it's more than an experience, it's the game!

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