More Fun Rules

The fun and excitement of playing Cosmic Wimpout has just begun. Since the game is ever changing and open to new rules and interpretations, the Guiding Light was developed to assist you as you introduce your rules in the game:


The Guiding Light says that any new rule may be added at any time provided all players agree.

The new rule must go into effect the next time the same situation occurs.


You need 35 points on your first roll to get into the game. Otherwise, you must keep rolling.


Once a player’s score has passed the previously agreed upon winning total (500 is recommended), then LAST LICKS begin. Each of the other players gets one last chance to try and pass the leader’s score. Any player who fails to take over the lead is out of the game. Anytime a leader is passed, the old leader gets a Last Lick to try to pass the new leader. This continues until everyone has Wimped Out, leaving the player with the highest total score as the Winner.


End Game is played instead of Last Licks.

When one player passes the winning total, all other players have one last chance to pass the leader. The player with the highest score at the end of the final roll is the winner. There are no Last Licks.

The End Game rule causes a different strategy than Last Licks as a player must try to be well ahead of the other player(s) before going over the winning total.


If on a roll of all five dice, you roll five matching faces, it's a Freight Train.

Here's what happens when you roll five of each kind on a single throw:

= 200 points
= 400 points
= 500 points
= Instant Winner
= Supernova

If you roll five tens, that is just Too Many Points. This is a Supernova. You are instantly out of the game. (This roll is also called a Freight Train Train Wreck)

FULL HOUSE ("Amherst Rule")

If you are rolling two dice after a Flash, and you roll a pair, you have the option of taking an extra Last Lick, or rolling again. Most players roll again. The Flash must still be cleared.


Keep Rolling Rule

No two players can be on the same spot at the same time. If you want to take your points for the turn, but another player is on that spot, you must keep rolling.


If any one of your cubes lands on (or touches) another player's marker, you have to repeat the roll. The same is true if your cubes land on one another and stack up. (Yes, it happens)

Players have sent us rules for many cube combinations and strange rolls. Ask and you shall receive all he knows from the former foremost authority.