How to Play Cosmic Wimpout

Welcome to the COSMIC WIMPOUT experience!

Cosmic Wimpout is the ultimate blend of possibilities and mystique. These dancin' cubes will bring you and your friends hours of fun. Here's how to play:

Agree on a game goal (usually 300 or 500 points). The first player starts by rolling all five cubes. Next, count the points rolled on that first throw.

The 5 and 10 dice count as five and ten points unless three or five of the same face are rolled at once.

Three matching faces on the same throw is known as a flash:

= 20 = 30
= 40 = 50
= 60 = 100

The Flaming Sun is WILD. It can be used to score 5 or 10 points (you must if it´s the only scoring cube in that roll), as part of a flash or as a non-scoring cube and then it can be re-rolled. The Flaming Sun Rule says that you must make a flash with the sun if you roll it with a pair.

Five matching faces rolled at once are a Freight Train:

= 200 points
= 400 points
= 500 points
= Instant Winner
= Supernova

If you roll five tens, that is just Too Many Points. This is a Supernova. You are instantly out of the game.

Any time you roll something other than numbers, Flashes or Freight Trains, that's a Wimpout. Your turn is over and you´ve lost all points accumulated in that turn. Wimping out with five cubes is called a Train Wreck.

You have the option to stop, accumulate points and end your turn anytime you roll and don't wimp out except in the following situations:

  • Opening Roll - You need at least 35 points to get in the game.
  • You May Not Want To But You Must - If after any series of rolls you score with all 5 dice, you must continue your turn, rolling all five cubes.
  • The Futtless Rule - States that all flashes must be cleared.

To clear a flash, you must score additional points by continuing to roll the non-scoring cubes (or all 5 if you've scores with five cubes) or you wimp out. The reroll clause states that you cannot match any one of the flash faces when clearing. If you match a flash face when clearing, you must reroll all those cubes just rolled until you can keep 'em or Wimp out.

Ending the Game/Last Licks - When the player reaches the Game Goal, all other players get one last chance to catch up and pass the leader.

Imaginary Roll:

That´s 45 points - the fourth matching face is non-scoring. According to the Futtless Rule you must roll the non-scoring cube. If you roll a four, the Reroll Clause says you must reroll that cube. Say you roll a ten, that would give you 55 points. The You May Not Want To But You Must rule comes into effect now and you Must roll all five dice.

You roll:

The Flaming Sun Rule says you have to make this a 60 point flash and The Futtless Rule says you have to clear it by rolling the two and three (without rolling a six - reroll clause). Say you roll a five and a ten - that would give you 75 points - but you must roll them all again (Y.M.N.W.T.B.Y.M).

So you roll:

This Cosmic Wimpout is a classic Train Wreck and you lose all your points for the turn. Sometimes you're in the Cosmos... sometimes you Wimp out!

For many this is just the beginning. The game is ever changing and open to new rules and interpretations so the Guiding Light was developed. The Guiding Light says any new rule may be added at any time provided all players agree. The proposed new rule may go into effect the next time the situation occurs.

Some players practice Cosmic Cube Control. Energizing your cubes contributes to the fun; some say it´s a necessary ritual to ensure unfailing tesseract compliance.

Most players agree that hesitation is a bad idea... so roll, already!